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August’s Hernando Green Party “Green Screen”

A documentary that follows former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of the country's widening economic gap.

A documentary that follows former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of the country’s widening economic gap.

On Tuesday, August 4th 5:00 PM the public is invited to see the free documentary film “Inequality for All” (2013).

Film time is 88 minutes.

Discussing numerous issues in clear and accessible language, former U.S. labor secretary and current UC Berkeley professor Robert Reich makes a compelling case about the serious crisis the U.S. faces due to the widening economic gap.

You’ll enjoy the wide screen & great sound system at the Zopp Memorial Library 9220 Spring Hill Drive.

Green Screens get you thinking and are Hernando Counties option for independent films and documentaries that one would have to travel to a university campus or a larger city to see on a big screen with fellow freethinkers.

The public is welcome and we also have complimentary refreshments.
Seating is available, but you can also bring your own chairs or cushions.

The informative and educational Green Screens have been sponsored since 2005 by the Hernando County Green Party.

Contact Suzanne Touchton at 352-666-7576 for more information.


Tonic, The Original Wailers, Everlast, and Saliva at Madeira Beach Park on Friday, July 24

This shows proceeds benefit the Refuges work with Homeless and those who struggle with Poverty, in the Tampa Bay area. Tickets will be given away for this show on the Revolutionary Road Radio show next Monday, July 20th at 10pm on AM 1340. Listen on also on the web anywhere.

For more info on this event, click here.

The Interfaith PMA and the US Social Forum 2015 in Philadelphia

At the US Social Forum that just ended in Philly, one of the gatherings that happened was a People’s Movement Assembly that centered on the importance of Faith and it’s intersection of with Justice. It happened on the heels of both Spiritual gatherings and workshops that occurred at the Social Forum in Philly. One of those workshops, that I conducted, on Solidarity with movements of the Poor, particularly around the idea of Liberation Theology, was among several, that informed our discussion for the PMA that happened on the last day of the US Social Forum. Though a small crowd in attendance, it was a very committed and excited group of people, ready to promote change from the bottom up. It included both lay leadership and clergy. Several ideas came from this group to further promote the creation a of new world that is necessary.

Listen to audio of the Interfaith PMA and the US Social Forum 2015 in Philadelphia

Some of the discussion focused on the Pope’s Encyclical on the Environment and Poverty, and his impending visit to Philadelphia. There was also discussion about the role Faith must play in uniting with the dispossessed class of the Poor. The necessity of being informed and led by this class. And, that all the sacred texts of the various faiths reflect this understanding. Further, there was an understanding that Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, and other places of worship, should also be center’s for organizing and uniting with the demands of the poor.Image of Carnival from PMA

It is also significant that emphasis was placed on the role that arts and culture must play. Amongst this small groups were artists and performers that suggested the Biblical references of musicians leading the oppressed into struggle was an important function of Social Change. One group represented called “Carnival de Resistance”, a production of Holy Fool Arts, travels around the country as a Carnival, Village, and School for Cultural Transformation ( This group, is one method of Social Transformation that the Interfaith group is considering utilizing. We also discussed community gardens, alternative economies, and human rights approaches to social change. In the end, we determined to continue dialogue, networking, sharing readings, and resources ideas. We also determined to approach all of work with a solidarity model in mind, seeking direction, input, and leadership from the class of the poor. We also came out with an understanding that we are living in a revolutionary time and that all efforts must be centered and focused in local, regional, national, and international fields of struggle. And, that Spiritual practice in vital to this growing and ongoing struggle and movement.


There is a Movement A Coming…

From the National Abolitionist

This movement is a grassroots movement from the bottom up of Homeless, formerly homeless, and their supporters in Florida. This is a movement, a coalition forming to answer and struggle with those who would criminalize folks simply because they are homeless. It is a movement in several cities uniting around this idea of fighting back and not allowing the non-profit industrial complex “sell out” the homeless community simply because these non-profits don’t want to “rock the boat” and lose their funding. This movement’s cities include St. Petersburg, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Sarasota, Brooksville, and Gainesville. It includes homeless folks who have been criminalized by the system and ”left out to hang” by non-profits that do not have the guts to stand up to power on behalf of the homeless. It includes groups such as Living Water, the Well, the Refuge, Speak Up Florida, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Florida, Hearts for God Worship Center, Transitions Support Group, the Revolutionary Caucus, the Revolutionary Road Radio Show, Food Not Bombs, and Students for a Democratic Society (USFSP).

It is organizing around the premise that housing is a Human Right, the Jobs, healthcare, freedom of speech and movement are human rights, Food is a human right!! We are standing up against various Homeless Coalitions that are run by bureaucrats, Government officials, non-profits and the Business community that would marginalize and dismiss opposing voices. Those that would attempt to remove or hide the homeless community by putting them in modern concentration camps, detention facilities, or jail style shelters, such as the so called “Safe Harbor” in Pinellas County. Or, cage them in small fenced in areas that have 50 or more people in it, like St. Vincent De Paul. We will no longer allow Charlatan’s such as “Dr.” Marbut, the Joseph Mengele, of the homeless, attempt to promote and support the creation of jail style shelters. We will no longer allow municipalities like Ft. Lauderdale and others arrest Food Not Bombs or elderly spiritual men and women, like the gentleman in his 90’s that was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale earlier this year for providing and sharing food with the homeless community. This must stop!!

So, this statewide coalition is forming to speak, to act, protest, to disobey injustices against homeless and poor folks, by the arm of state repression and corporate dominance of cities. We will make cities a safe and welcoming place for all, including the homeless, by any means necessary. We will not stand by, but will struggle in solidarity and under the leadership of this class of the poor and homeless. We intend to challenge the state coalition for the homeless at the yearly gatherings. We intend to demand that all coalitions adhere to the federal guidelines of housing first. We intend to challenge Hate Crimes against the homeless and Police Brutality of the homeless. We will demand that all county coalitions in Florida have it’s membership and leadership consist of at least 50% of its people be homeless or formerly homeless. We will be forming homeless and Temp worker unions, and worker centers. The first worker center will be in St. Petersburg, called the Refuge Worker Center.

From the National Abolitionist

In the end we will demand a Homeless Bill of Rights that is comprehensive and has “teeth” to it. We will no longer tolerate marginalization. We know this is ambitious, but also know that it is necessary. There are too many homeless that die each year, that are noted in the various homeless memorial services that happen each year in Florida and throughout the country. We intend to bring Human Rights violations to any and all the courts or agencies that would hear us, both here and abroad. If you want more information about this struggle, this effort, please contact the Rev. Bruce Wright, Rev. GW Rolle, Rev. Robin Harris at 727 278 1547 or contact Rev. Bruce at For more info. About Economic Human Rights go to

Green Screen for July


IMPORTANT NOTE: I actually have a copy of the DVD so no technical problems this time. Sorry about the Citizen Four streaming.
 Tuesday, July 7th at 5:00 pm The Hernando County Green Party will show the  2014 film: “Bought” (1 hour 32 min)
The public is welcome to join us for this free presentation. We will also have refreshments. 
You’ll enjoy the wide screen & great sound system at the Zopp Memorial Library 9220 Spring Hill Drive in Spring Hill.
Seating is available, but you can also bring your own chairs or cushions.
Call Suzanne at 352-666-7576 for more info.
Whatever your opinion about mandatory vaccination, it is worth viewing this film. Mandatory vaccination with NO EXCEPTIONS is being implemented all around the USA for children and soon will be mandatory for all adults.
Documentarian Jeff Hays’ film is dedicated to uncovering, exposing and highlighting the facts all individuals have a right to know. Bought is a film about the issue of health being sold out from underneath individuals through big pharmaceutical companies, dangerous vaccinations and a food supply chain contaminated by the use of GMO’s.

Jeff Hays started Capstone Entertainment in the mid-nineties and built a production/distribution company to a multi-million dollar level and won numerous awards in children’s programming. One of Jeff’s most notable films was Fahrenhype 9/11, which he produced in 2004 featuring Ron Silver, Dick Morris, Senator Zell Miller, Mayor Ed Koch and others. This film generated millions in revenue and was widely accepted by the public and received positive reviews from the NY Times, Variety and other media. In 2005, Jeff produced On Native Soil where he was short-listed for an Academy Award. He also produced My Workout on Lifetime Television for a year and most recently released Doctored which has already sold over 150,000 copies.
Bought is committed to uncovering the facts so each person can make the decision that is right for him or her. Landmark cases have been won this year in U.S. Vaccine Court, granting families of autistic children financial awards for the damage caused to their children by vaccinations. For the first time ever, several of these families have agreed to be interviewed on camera, and let their stories be heard publicly.
It appears much of the medical/industrial/governmental machine is about sacrificing a few, for the supposed greater good of others,” said Jeff Hays, producer of Bought. “We intend to ignite a national conversation that involves parents nationwide and stirs the curiosity of millions. I want to ignite that innate portion of our human instinct that is designed to question and ultimately protect each of us from harm. I know this is controversial, and it should be. The days of just accepting what the medical community, the media and the government say should be gone.”The American Academy of Pediatrics says that vaccines work, that vaccines are safe, and that vaccines are necessary. Yet:

<  Over 5,000 cases alleging a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism have been filed under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US Court of Federal Claims between 2001 and 2009 <  The US Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters, between 1988 and 2009, has awarded compensation to 1,322 families whose children suffered brain damage from vaccines

 <  Over $2 billion of our tax dollars has been awarded to families who have been injured or killed by vaccine reactions by this “Vaccine Court” <  About 30,000 cases of adverse reactions to vaccines have been reported annually to the federal government since 1990, with 13% classified as serious, meaning associated with permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death

 <  Autism has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to nearly 1 in 38 American children (according to some reports)

Jeff’s parting comment, “Just look at the fact that it wasn’t until 1998 that the U.S. Public Health Service Group determined that thimerosal could give children a dose of mercury that exceeded the limit considered safe by government standards. Every person has the right to know what they are consuming or being given by the medical community.”