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The 12 & 12 Days of Christmas

Join Refuge Ministries of Tampa Bay, PPEHRC, the Revolutionary Road Radio Show, Pinellas Greens, Good Samaritan Chruch, and others TBA as we attempt to raise in 24(12&12) days $500 each for 12 families to provide funds for Christmas including funds to keep or put families in housing, provide food, hygiene items, socks, underwear, and children’s gifts. This is for families in need and homeless families. We are asking that either checks be sent, gift cards sent, or contribute online through Go Fund Me.

Gifts are tax deductible. Checks can be made to Refuge Ministries and can be sent the Refuge at 3705 58 ave N. St Pete., Fl. 33714. Or, contribute Through Go Fund Me. For more info call 727-278-1547. Gift cards acceptable as well as gift cards to local stores, including Gas Cards, Grocery Store Cards, Department store cards, and VISA/MASTER CARD gift cards.


Please support this worthy cause to help needy families. Thx to those supporting us. We received a Ck for $100 today. Thx to all who can give any amount. There are desperate families out there! You can click here to go to GoFundMe!

The Third US Social Forum will be taking place in Philadelphia June 25th – 28th, 2015

Mark your calendars! The Third US Social Forum will be taking place in Philadelphia June 25th Р28th, 2015. The USSF is a convergence driven by the understanding that people’s movements are what create social change.

The Philadelphia US Social Forum (USSF) is anchored by poor and disabled organizations and rooted in the themes of immigration, political democracy, disability, and poverty. As a movement we will create spaces for strategy discussions, political education, People’s Movement Assemblies, local actions, art and culture, convergences, movement schools, marches, housing takeovers, community building, healing, and collective empowerment.


Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

174 Diamond St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122

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PPEHRC Needs help opening another Human Rights house!

Dear Friends, PPEHRC is having to open another Human Rights house because we have homeless infants that can’t go into takeover houses right now. We need your financial support today. Please go to and donate $20.
today! We need to raise $1,500 in order to house several women and children who
are in need of a safe environment. These families are also helping to build this movement!