Florida Fight for $15 Coalition Meeting for 4/15 in Pinellas Park!

Join us at the upcoming Florida Fight for $15 coalition meeting at Good Samaritan Church, 6085 Park Boulevard North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 on Feb 26th  at 7 pm. Get involved in the upcoming largest low-wage workers protests in American history on 4/15 (Apr 15, 2015). More info Working families have endured decades of stagnant incomes. We are […]

Florida Fight for $15 Endorsement

You Gulf Coast Greens just endorsed Florida Fight for $15 and we’re rallying support for the upcoming 4/15 protest in Tampa! On April, 15 2015, we’ll be joining the largest low-wage worker protests in modern American history to call for $15 an hour and a union. How do you get more information? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FightFor15FL Twitter: https://twitter.com/fightfor15fl National […]

Police Accountability: Green Time TV 466

Rioters burned portions of Ferguson on November 24, 2014, the night of the announcement that Darren Wilson would not be charged for killing Michael Brown. John Chasnoff, of the Don’t Shoot Coalition, Michael T. McPhearson, of Veterans for Peace, and host Don Fitz discuss how protest organizers attempted to work with police prior to that […]


Tonight’s Show will continue with Black History with the continuation of a speech by Cornel West. We also play a speech a leader from the Black Lives Matter Movement did at the Fast Food Worker organizing meeting in Atlanta. Join The Rev. Bruce, as well as Connie Burton, Barb, and Hip Hop Sensation Krown Deon, […]

Support a Green with Green

January 24, 2015 at 1:19pm Message from the candidate (1/24/15): Please contribute, and spread the word that I am running. With your help we can run earlier and harder than ever to turn this country around and actually begin to have a government “of by and for the PEOPLE”! Fan-out this fan page by sending […]


The Feb 9th, 2015 Show continues with Black History with the continuation of a speech by Cornel West. We also share a special press conference announcement from Jill Stein regarding running for President under the Green Party Ticket. Additionally, we will be live from Atlanta reporting on the Fast Food Worker fight for $15 minimum wage movement. […]