Progressive Didier Ortiz Runs Historic Campaign!


Election Day is February 10 for Fort Lauderdale City Commission District 3

We’re getting into the home stretch of Didier’s final fundraising campaign.

To donate now:

Didier Ortiz, who has been endorsed by 15 Now Florida, has a great message:

  • $15 / Hour Minimum Wage
  • Ban the Box / Rights Restoration
  • Feed the Homeless
  • Participatory Budgeting

Didier Ortiz is the best candidate the Green Party of Florida has had for years. Young, passionate, and a fiery speaker, he embodies the future of our party here in Florida (see his video). It’s not a stretch to see him as Florida’s Kshama Sawant, whose election to City Council has shaken up Seattle politics.

  • Ortiz is the one candidate fighting for the $15 minimum wage, to lead the district’s people out of poverty.
  • Ortiz is the one candidate who supports Rights Restoration initiatives including Ban the Box, which would give ex-felons a fighting chance in the job market.
  • Ortiz is the one candidate endorsed by Love Thy Neighbor food-sharing activist Arnold Abbott in defiance of Fort Lauderdale’s vicious attempt to ban feeding the homeless.

Now, he needs your help to get that message to the people of his district. $10, $25, $50 or more — anything helps make a difference. His opponents are rolling in cash. Incumbent Robert McKinzie has “voted lock-step with the City on its remaining anti-homeless agenda.” A former banker (collections department) and real estate mogul, McKinzie complains that the district has too many rental properties. He wants to drive out renters and bring in middle-class professionals.


So yes, Didier needs your help. He has a winning message in this financially depressed district. But he can only win if he can get that message out to the people. Every donation counts, $10, $25, $50 or up to a $250 maximum contribution.

If we all pitch in, we can put this over the top. Thank you for coming through for us!