Support a Green with Green


Message from the candidate (1/24/15):

Please contribute, and spread the word that I am running. With your help we can run earlier and harder than ever to turn this country around and actually begin to have a government “of by and for the PEOPLE”!

Fan-out this fan page by sending out:

Note that the “Donate” button is under the star to the left.

I will run full-time,once the sufficient level of support comes in that would enable me to retire early and become engaged, daily, in important political work:

Building the Green Party, improving government and getting lobbying (bribery) out of politics; Advancing Sustainability as a Security Measure, especially in light of Climate Change and Global Economic Crises; and seeing that U.S. Tribes get their fair share via Treaty advocacy and enforcement.

The bigger picture is that my life’s work involves helping save rain-forests and other “undeveloped” areas and helping with indigenous representation and protection. When we live sustainably we are being responsible.  Native people are currently under attack and are losing their “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in part as a consequence of the “civilized ones” being disconnected to the earth and living in a short-sighted manner based upon (over-)consumption. Our species has “lost” half its ethno-sphere! Greens value Nature and Diversity. We would do well to heed the wisdom of earth-connected ancient cultures, not destroy them!

One cannot run a campaign without money and organization. So…help me organize! Spread the word and be generous with your contribution(s). (Please note that such contributions are not tax-deductible.) I am registered with the F.E.C. (Federal Election Commission; Mesplay for President). During my three previous candidacies (2004, 2008, 2012) I worked full-time and couldn’t really RUN! I have many supporters and well-wishers (and “fans”…hey, I didn’t start this page) who deserve an opportunity to easily support me, financially. Well, now you have it! Explore the PayPal button at the star to the left at

and get this campaign airborne!

Thank You!