Florida Fight for $15 Endorsement

You Gulf Coast Greens just endorsed Florida Fight for $15 and we’re rallying support for the upcoming 4/15 protest in Tampa! On April, 15 2015, we’ll be joining the largest low-wage worker protests in modern American history to call for $15 an hour and a union.

Florida Fight for $15

How do you get more information?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FightFor15FL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fightfor15fl

National Site: http://fightfor15.org/

Link to our endorsement: Fight for $15 Endorsement

Text of our endorsement (below):


Dear Fight for $15 Tampa,

I am contacting you on behalf of the Gulf Coast Greens. The Gulf Coast Greens are a coalition of activists and organizers building a network of Greens, coalition partners and our supporters to forward the Green progressive movement in Florida in a broad way. The Greens support the eradication of poverty and our platform calls for it via Universal Basic Income (UBI) which is garnering support from notable Libertarians as well. In the meantime and to that end we want to offer material support to movements that address a specific form of poverty (aka: “working” poverty) as well and Fight for $15 is doing just that.

Florida service sector families are in crisis. It’s been an ongoing crisis that has deepened due to the economic downturn combined with 40 years of austerity and wage repression that have eroded family income and have exacerbated the inhumane conditions working families have to endure to survive. The embrace of neo-liberal policies by both major parties (aka: pre-FDR liberalism of the “Old Deal”) makes it clear we aren’t going to simply “elect” our way out of this and movements are required to create the kind of leverage for progressive and reformist efforts to succeed.

Greens are in your midst albeit we haven’t manifested that organizationally yet. We aim to change that. Ending poverty is not going to be easy in a country whose mindset is to simply “manage” poverty and it’s worst symptoms (“poorly” we might add). Working people have less leverage than ever and that’s been by design legislatively and we have to all stand up and lend leverage to economic justice for working people and start unwinding chronic systemic poverty.

To this end, we aim to endorse Fight for $15. We want to build on existing movements and not run anything in parallel that works to divide and fracture the effort. We want to know how we can help and bring people into the movement as well. Let’s explore what’s possible!


James Jones

Secretary, Gulf Coast Greens