Tampa area activists join Global Hunger Strike in solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoner Khader Adnan

Sheikh Khader Adnan’s daughters © google images
Sheikh Khader Adnan’s daughters © google images


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tampa area activists join Global Hunger Strike in solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoner Khader Adnan

This event will take place on Wednesday, June 17th at 7:30pm at the Community Cafe at 2444 Central Avenue in St Petersburg, Florida. Dezeray Lyn, an organizer of the hunger strike, who recently returned from the West Bank, will poignantly share some of her experiences of Palestinian life under Israeli Occupation, including her many interviews with Palestinian political prisoners. “Khader Adnan is one of over 500 Palestinians locked down in Israeli administrative detention. Khader’s response, and our response in solidarity with his struggle is a message that the people will not allow these crimes to continue unabated, said Lyn.

Amidst worldwide concern, Political Prisoner Khader Adnan begins his 44th day of Hunger Strike in critical condition, to protest Israel’s practice of Administrative Detention. Administrative Detention keeps innocent men, women and children imprisoned without charge or trial, some for years. Adnan, a baker and father of 6 young children has been arrested 10 times under Administrative Detention. In 2012 his 66 Day hunger strike created enough worldwide condemnation for Israel’s abuse of Political Prisoners that Adnan was released and other prisoners’ human rights demands were conceded to. Adnan was rearrested this year without charge and began his hunger strike on May 5th.

To show solidarity Tampa area activists are hosting this 24 hour hunger strike online. Supporters have been posting “selfies” at https://www.facebook.com/events/1441119716194516. Photos will be compiled into an album or video and shared with Palestinian media and prisoners’ rights groups.

Miami activists will also join millions of people who condemn Israel’s practice of Adminstrative Detention as they fast and demonstrate at the Israeli Consulate, Wednesday June 17 at 4:30pm.

“Israel has to be held accountable for crimes that go against international law and common human decency. Imprisoning men, women and children for years without charge or trial goes against every fiber of a moral society” said Bettejo Indelicato, an organizer of the action. Indelicato was recently held in detention and deported from Israel on the basis that her human rights monitoring in the Occupied West Bank was a security threat to Israel.

Media Contact: Dezeray Lyn 813-401-5617


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