Florida Fight for $15 Coalition Meeting for 4/15 in Pinellas Park!

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Join us at the upcoming Florida Fight for $15 coalition meeting at Good Samaritan Church, 6085 Park Boulevard North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 on Feb 26th  at 7 pm. Get involved in the upcoming largest low-wage workers protests in American history on 4/15 (Apr 15, 2015).

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Working families have endured decades of stagnant incomes. We are increasingly forced to choose between keeping a roof over our heads, paying our bills or feeding our kids. Meanwhile, corporate executives earn ever-increasing salaries ― precisely because wages for everyone else have stayed the same.

On April 15, we’ll be joining the largest low-wage worker protests in modern American history to call for $15 an hour and a union.

We’re taking to the streets to participate in dozens of historic demonstrations in cities across the country to say “enough is enough!”

We’re fed up with working families being forced to survive on poverty wages, while being exploited by companies raking in billions of dollars of profit. On April 15, 2015, we are taking to the streets. We need you there with us.


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