On the Table with the Green Party new season starts tonight! Our Lives Intertwined With Animals

TONIGHT at 7:00 PM — The first show of 2015 will be called: Our Lives Intertwined With Animals – TAMPA area – Verizon 30 Brighthouse 949 and Comcast 20.

We have in studio the representatives from Defenders of Wildlife (Jamie McWade) and Florida Voices for Animals (Trevor Chin). Also joining us is Stewart David who is a long time spokesperson for linking vegan-ism with environmental preservation.

Also participating in segments are: Lindsay Rajt speaking from the national office of PETA, Laurie MacDonald the director of Defenders of Wildlife St. Petersburg office and Parris Donze (musician, artist, animals rescuer & Green Party member) reading a piece from the Green Party platform about animals. Debuting on Saturday, January 3rd.