Ballot recommendations for 2014 General Election

In the races we have a few that we recommend, but in general we say things are not going so well for people these days. That said, we advise voting the incumbents out!

US House

  • Rich Nugent – NO – spineless yes man for the wrong things.
  • Dave Koller – YES – very principled and cares about the people he would be representing


  • Rick Scott – NO – We were shocked that someone with such a background ever got elected. His past is shady
  • Charlie Crist – YES – while no real prize Crist has done some good things for Florida and he did stand up to his old party in doing so. That’s something.

Attorney General

  • Pam Bondi- NO – Incumbent and one of the Fox TV blonde stereo-types. 

Chief Financial Officer

  • Jeff Atwater – NO  – incumbent

Agricultural Commissioner

  •  Adam Putnam – NO – incumbent – When he was in US Congress he was hard to get an appointment with.

State House Dist. 35

  • Rose Rocco – Democrat – YES – Rose is someone who is approachable and she really tries to get it right. She’d replace a term limited Republican and as we said…. the incumbent party should not be retained.

Commissioner Dist. 2

  • Brian Moore – Independent – YES – Here is someone that we can clearly recommend in good faith. Brian stands true to his values, he supports preservation of our county’s environment and will vote in the county’s best interests. He will be a great watch dog for us citizens if we are lucky enough to get him on the board.
  • Wayne Dukes – NO – Incumbent Republican and former Democrat.
  • Jimmy Lodato – NO – Democrat and former Republican. Can’t trust these guys.

Commissioner Dist 4

  • Jeff Holcomb – NO – A Republican to replace a Republican again? !
  • Daniel Oliver – YES – Get out the incumbent party.
  • David Werder – NO – Always running for something and from talking with him not sure what he has to offer.

5th Circuit judges

No on retention of all the judges in the 5th Circuit EXCEPT Kerry Evander who had a dissent in the George Zimmerman case that we agree with when Defense lawyer O’Mara wanted to replace the first judge due. Otherwise the 5th circuit is way heavy on white males.

  • Wendy Berger – NO – The other Fox TV blonde appointed by Rick Scott.
  • Kerry Evander  – YES
  • Richard Orfinger – NO
  • William David Palmer – NO
  • Thomas Sawaya – NO
  • Rand Wallis – NO


  • Amendment 1 – YES  – When preserved land stays intact, undamaged and protected from rampant over development it has a pristine value that reclaimed land  can never duplicate. We should build up and not sprawl anyway.
  • Amendment 2 – YES – The Hippocratic Oath says: First do no harm. Medical marijuana has been proven safe and beneficial for patients. Even if it helped with only one of the several listed illnesses that it is shown to heal or ease, it’s worth it being legally available to them. How cruel to say no to those hurting. For more see our TV show on You Tube: On the Table With the Green Party – Episode 4 – All Plants Should be Legal
  • Amendment 3 – NO – there is no reason that there should be a rush to appoint judges by our governor whatever party. This is an abuse of power. they should be elected by the people.


Thank you and be sure to vote on November 4th ! The polls are not that busy when it’s an “off year” election so your vote counts all the more. Early voting ends October 25th.