I find it extremely interesting that the vaccine industry and the CDC constantly bring up fear and loathing of those who exercise their freedom of choice in the USA. They push the issue of “HERD immunity”, as if this was the holy grail of all that there is in patriotism next to war & apple pie.


I find this disingenuous, because:
Where is the LIKE concern for the herd in fair pay? Rather than the CEO’s raking in the lion’s share of the profits and the rest of “the herd” getting the leftovers and maybe food stamp applications? Is there a push by these herd folks to get basic health care coverage for the whole herd ? In lifting ALL of the herd OUT of poverty? In making sure that the full herd gets an equal education? In providing the entire herd with the best in food and drink? In not invading other world herds?

I find that this is a bogus argument that perpetuates that ongoing villainization of “the other”, while giving a pretense that we are all of the same herd? Why do the poor in “the herd” get offered less quality legal representation? Why do some in “the herd” get to know state secrets & the rest of “the herd” can’t be trusted with those same secrets and any herd members who share with “the herd” that information become enemies of the state?

Why do rich herd members get off of jail time doing white collar herd-like crimes that can damage other herd members, while young male colorful herd members get shot when (possibly) stealing some cigars? Why do corporate herds get to drop immense sums of money to elect their selections in government while the rest of us herd members get only a vote (maybe). Why do some herds get to honor their religion while other religions or no religion are not “of the herd”?


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